July 20 presents the world’s first celebration of a new holiday – International Cake Day

20 July 2011 kicks off the first celebration of the International Cake Day established in the Kingdom of Love. This sweet summer holiday is dedicated to friendship and peace between people, countries and nations. The motto of the holiday is I CAKE YOU. The holiday is based on one of the initiatives of the Kingdom of Love to promote ideas of peace on the planet through culture.

International holidays unite people, lighting positive emotions and good mood. The first in the world Peacemaking Cake will be collectively baked on the International Cake Day: everyone can take part in its preparation regardless of country of residence. Other interesting activities and surprises are planned for the day as well.

The holiday is organized in collaboration with international and national professional confectionary organizations. The organizer of the International Cake Day is the International Organizing Committee that works together with national committees, currently forming and preparing for the celebrations in their home countries.

Kingdom of Love invites all those interested in the holiday to participate in the discussion and planning for the holiday. Today you have a unique opportunity to beautify the image of your country with fireworks of tastes of your national confectionery. If you have the desire and means to take part in the organization, sponsorship, press coverage, online support, or are able to help in any other way to build the sweet celebration of friendship in your own country or the world – do it now! Contact the Organizing Committee via the holiday site: http://www.icakeyou.org


Short link — http://wp.me/pYsEi-jN

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