Kingdom of Love 2111 — a political start up


Dear friends!

After 70 years since its foundation, the State of Israel is on the verge of fundamental change. Many issues that have been ignored for decades require immediate solutions. We are talking about the relationship between the state and its citizens, about the very structure of power that needs to be reformed. All the problems that we see today in different areas of life are only a consequence of the rampant uncontrolled oligarchic capitalism, hiding behind the fig leaf of the mythical «Jewish democracy.»

The Kingdom of Love 2111 Party is a POLITICAL STARTUP. Right before your eyes and with your participation, it will become the platform that enables Israel to adequately go through the stage of evolutionary transformation and become an example for other nations. We see a renewed Israel a prosperous home for Happy People, in which everyone, bearing his own individuality (secular, religious, representatives of different communities), is at the same time part of the Whole.

The most important role for the successful fulfillment of the party mission is played by the qualitative composition of loyal activists — “space bikers” from the year 2111 with the consciousness of Love. Lawyers, journalists, programmers, people of creative professions, everyone who can and wants to help the formation of a new party — get out of your comfort and indifference zone, take the first step towards, and you will be surprised at how quickly the world around you begins to change and learn how nice it is to create a new reality together!

“Everything that we do in life, we do for ourselves” — great wisdom lies in this phrase. Our party is a community of courageous, intelligent, creative friends, who can truly love themselves, other people, all living creatures, the country and the planet. Volunteers, activists, professionals, students — we are waiting for you!

For communication:

Tel: 0523 828 927

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