Usurpation of power in the State of Israel by the Police forces

August 25, 2016

The Ministry of Public Security
Rehov Clermont Ganneau, Building C, Sheikh Jerach Government Complex,
Sheikh Jerach, Jerusalem
P.O. Box 18182
Jerusalem 91181

Tel:  02 5428502
Fax: 02 5428039

 Attn: Gilad Erdan
Minister of Public Security

Subject: Usurpation of power in the State of Israel by the Police forces

Dear Mr. Erdan!

My name is Milana Gorenstein, I am an international lawyer and a journalist from Jerusalem.

On June 1st 2016 I’ve sent to your office many documents showing the inactivity of the police in relation to investigations of crimes of top rank politicians and a letter to you, singed by me personally, in which I explained the severity of the situation and a need to establish a new security system in Israel in a form of private police.

I have called your office afterwards and asked to arrange a meeting with you, but your secretaries said there were no signed letter in the package of documents (no direct communication with the Minister), and, therefore, this is the reason why they will not arrange a meeting. I’ve faxed my letter again (confirmed) and was said to wait until the Public Complaints department will check my case.

In the meantime I turned to the Israel Post Couriers Service (Doar Shlihim) and asked to investigate under what circumstances my signed letter disappeared from the package of the documents you received. Please find their answer attached, confirming the receipt of the package undamaged by the workers of your Ministry. Therefore, the responsibility on this case in on workers of your Ministry, and I have many questions in relation to this incident…

To remind you, I received personal threats to myself and my family and event attacked personally during the international event on February, 2016, and my complaints to the police (as well as the attached confirming documents) were ignored and the cases were closed without investigation.

My new complaint to the Police against top rank politicians were closed the next day after investigation, and the Public Complaints department was informed about this.

I continue to live and work in Jerusalem, but my personal security and the security of my family is at risk, and no organization in the State of Israel offers me any protection.

The Public Complaints department representative Revital Ovadia Gispan doesn’t have explanation on why I didn’t receive any clear answer so far regarding the consistent life threats and personal attacks in front of TV cameras, and why these facts are not considered criminal cases in Israel (why the Police tries to establish their own laws at the Police Stations instead of laws of the State of Israel?) Death threats are often designed to intimidate victims in order to manipulate their behavior, but I am not the right person for this form of pressure…

In most world jurisdictions, death threats are a criminal offense. The fact that the Israel Police disregards this fact and create new criminal laws at the police stations means that the police officers committed the crime of usurpation of power in the State of Israel on behalf of high rank politicians, whom they try to protect.

I applied to all relevant organizations in Israel seeking for personal security (including your Ministry), with no result.  In case I will be attacked again (or killed), it will be the assassination for political reasons. My life and security, as well as those of my family members, are not protected, and you, Mr. Erdan, are holding personal responsibility or any incident that may happen to me and my family — today and in the future.

Taking all the mentioned into consideration, as well as the fact that 40 days (according to law) already passed and there were no result from my complaint to the Ministry of Public Security, I consider for my protection to turn to media, revealing all the facts to general public, and also seek political asylum in the third country (preferably, the United States of America, since I arrived to Israel from there). In this case all the above mentioned facts immediately become a subject of international investigation.

Today, on August 25th 2016, I start the official campaign on creation of Royal Security Forces — a new public organization that will control the implementation of laws in the State of Israel and offer the highest level of security to all citizens of the country.

I invite you to arrange a meeting with me to discuss all the problems described above  and try to find solutions to minimize the harm from this situation to the interests of the State of Israel and the people of Israel.

Kind regards,

Milana Gorenstein, LL.B

Letter to OSCE Minsk Group February 26, 2016



Celebrating the International Day Cake – 2016 in Israel


«Tyrmysh» NGO (Tatar cultural center of the State of Israel),  led by Mrs. Zakira Zaripova, holds on July 20, 2016 the first official celebration of the International Cake Day in Israel.

«International Day Cake» is sweetest summer holiday, which is celebrated annually on July 20 in many countries. The holiday with the motto «I Cake You!» is dedicated to friendship and peace between peoples, countries and nations. Celebration themes vary each year, and this creates new opportunities to all participants to express themselves. This year the ICD holiday will be celebrated in the world for the sixth time. The theme of the holiday -2016 is «Time Travel».

Participants of the celebrations are often movie and pop stars, athletes and other celebrities. It has become a good tradition to hold charity events for orphans, the disabled, people in difficult life situations, war veterans and their families as part of the celebrations scenarios.

A feature of the festival is that July 20 is not necessary to bake a cake, you can also knit, sew, paint, sculpt or create any of the other materials. The main thing that your cake will please the participants of the holiday celebration, because the cake is a symbol of goodness, love and people’s union.

The proposed scenario of a holiday-2016 in Israel includes:

  • cakes show (championship), which will present a futuristic cakes from around the world. Members of the jury — the representatives of the media and the Organizing Committee of the festival;
  • non-food cakes exhibition;
  • workshops for festival participants from leading Israeli chefs;
  • masquerade with prizes;
  • themed competitions with prizes;
  • themed fashion show (cakes, hats, art aprons, etc.);
  • thematic exhibition of artworks by Israeli artists;
  • thematic exhibition of works by craftsmen (home textiles, tableware, cushions, cakes, etc.);
  • a photo shoots in the photo zones;
  • peacemaking action «Shawl of Peace» (joint project with the International Association of Bloggers);
  • music and dance performances.

The celebration will be attended by leaders of NGOs and international organizations, members of the Knesset, heads of inter-parliamentary friendship groups, heads of municipalities, representatives of diplomatic missions, Israeli and foreign journalists.

The «Tyrmysh»  NGO invites the participants, partners and sponsors to join the sweet celebration of friendship and peace in Israel. The International Cake Day is like a New Year, in summer — it is suitable for participants from all sectors of the economy, which facilitates successful implementation of the project in Israel.

The «International Day Cake» was established in the Kingdom of Love. The first celebration was held in 2011 in 9 countries. Israel is a co-founder of the holiday. The holiday is supported by the World Association of Chefs (World Association of Chefs Societies — WACS), it included in the registry of international holidays.

The ICD International Organizing Committee assists in the organization of events and promotion of the holiday in the world. The official holiday website —

Contacts of the organizers:
Zakira Zaripova
Chair of the «Tyrmysh»  NGO (Tatar cultural center of the State of Israel)
Tel .: 0526 377 596, 077 505 1016

Milana Gorenstein
Chair of the  ICD International Organizing Committee



Milana Gorenstein is running for President of Israel

1Milana Gorenstein (Queen Maria II of Jerusalem and the Nagorno-Karabakh) submitted her candidature for the post of the President of Israel.

On May 4th Ms. Gorenstein appealed to the legal Department of the Knesset to resolve all technical issues related to the participation in the elections.  According to the regulations, applicants to top state position must submit the recommendations of 10 parliamentarians (or more).  Milana Gorenstein will hold meetings with all members of the Israeli parliament for personal acquaintance and explanation of her positions on key state issues.

In case of a victory Milana Gorenstein will become the first woman to hold this position and the youngest president in the history of the State of Israel. The exact date of the election has not yet been determined, but, according to the latest information available from the organizing committee, they should take place at the end of June, 2014.

Press service of the Kingdom of Love

Shortlink —

International Cake Day – 2014 in Israel


20 July 2011 kicked off the first celebration of the International Cake Day established in the Kingdom of Love. This sweet summer holiday is dedicated to friendship and peace between people, countries and nations. The holiday is based on one of the initiatives of the Kingdom of Love to promote ideas of peace on the planet through culture. The motto of the holiday is I CAKE YOU.

Countries that took active part in first historical celebration of International Cake Day — 2011 and became the founders of the holiday: Israel, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia.

We cooperate with national and international professional organizations of confectioners. Today the holiday’s Facebook group includes more than 11 000 professionals from all countries of the world, and their number is constantly growing. Many pop stars and celebrities help us to promote the motto of the holiday worldwide. The holiday events usually receive huge attention of top media (TV, radio, newspapers and Internet), and this fact opens unique opportunities for all sponsors, partners and participants.

ICD-photo albums 2011-2013 —

ICD- videos 2011-2013 —

International Cake Day — 2014 celebration theme will be “The Planet Parade”.

The ICD holiday in Israel is planned to be celebrated on July 20, 2014 in festival format. Israel will have a unique chance to beautify its image with fireworks of tastes of national confectionery, blurring the boundaries of cultural differences and bringing to all participants positive emotions and good mood.

During the event in Jerusalem both citizens and tourists will enjoy the gala parade of cakes, an exhibition of the most unusual cakes (food and non-food), a unique tea party with representatives of embassies and consulates of different countries, a cake decorating master class for children and adults, a fair, a concert, and more. We also have a good tradition of humanitarian actions dedicated to ICD holiday (social assistance to children, elderly and other vulnerable groups).

We invite you to participate in the organization, sponsorship, information coverage, online support, or in some other way to help celebrate the sweet holiday of friendship in Israel.  All interested in partnering with us, please contact the organizing committee.

Milana Gorenstein – Head of International Organizing Committee

Holiday website:

Facebook –

Vkontakte –

Short link —

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