Milana Gorenstein will run for the post of Prime Minister of Israel

milana gorenstein

Milana Gorenstein — a lawyer, investigative journalist, writer, artist, public figure, founder and spiritual leader of the international project “Kingdom of Love” — will take part in parliamentary elections and run for the post of Israeli Prime Minister.

Early parliamentary elections will be held in Israel on April 9, 2019. Ms. Gorenstein intends to actively re-enter Israeli policy in order to carry out fundamental reforms in the country. For this purpose, it is planned to register a new national party called the “Kingdom of Love”. The ideological basis of the party in 2111 will be love and harmony, and it will be different from all parties that exist in Israel today.

The Kingdom of Love Party has as its main goal the neutralization of hatred in Israeli society in all forms and the creation of conditions for the harmonious spiritual and physical development of every citizen in the country. We are talking about fundamental transformations of an evolutionary nature, which will give Israel a new vector of development in the context of energy-information changes occurring on the planet. The primitive oligarchic capitalism, which many unknowingly call “Jewish democracy”, suffered a crushing fiasco, and it will be replaced by a more advanced social model that can become an example for the whole world.

The main points of the program of the new party are: the abolition of the post of the President of Israel and the “Basic Law: The President of the State” (1964); a change in the government forming procedure and the actual separation of powers; the adoption of the constitution and the establishment of the Constitutional Court in Israel; total eradication of corruption without the right to re-occupy public office for persons convicted of crimes related to deception of public trust; creation of a really balanced, socially-oriented state with working social elevators and a free, but responsible, market economy; reduction of artificially high cost of living; the construction of a sufficient number of housing units for all social groups; the adoption of the world’s first law on the insurance of Female Beauty and state certification of cosmetic services; support for women in management positions; active support of cultural institutions and persons engaged in all types of creativity; affordable higher education for all citizens; animal care and new environmental legislation; Jerusalem is the one and indivisible capital of Israel; all state structures, without exception,  are accountable to the citizens.

The full text of the program will be available soon on the party website. The key point is the fact that the announced program is not an abstract project, it is already at the implementation stage, and participation in the elections will only formalize the changes taking place in the country and give them full legitimacy.

Currently, negotiations are underway on partnerships with various social and political structures in Israel. Interested persons and organizations are invited to cooperate. Mail for communication:

Press Service of the Kingdom of Love


Pink EXPO-2018 will start on Pink Panther Day


On May 18, 2018 the world for the fourth time will celebrate the Pink Panther Day — a holiday of creative people, established in the Kingdom of Love.

Since the friends of the Pink Panther live in different countries, on this day in the official holiday group in Facebook will start the traditional Pink Expo — 2018, uniting the creative people from all over the world.

Pink Expo — 2018 is an international exhibition of unusual goods and services online, which starts on May 18 and will last for 18 days. The word «pink», according to the founders of the holiday, means not only color, but also non-standard thinking and creativity. That’s why at the exhibition it is not so important binding  to the color scheme rather than to creative idea and a message.

Participants can join the Pink Expo both at the start and during the period of the exhibition. The prerequisite for participation is the provision of discounts for goods and services to the site visitors from 18% or higher for the entire duration of the Pink Expo — 2018, as well as a description of the unique history of art objects in Russian or English. Each participant can exhibit up to 18 positions.

The Pink Expo — 2018 offers the opportunity for the exhibitors to present not only art objects, but also their ideas of a creative transformation of the world and find like-minded people, sponsors or investors. Poetry, songs, videos, master classes and other creations are also considered.

Participation in the event is free of charge. Exhibited art objects, goods and services are coordinated with the organizers.

Contacts of the organizers:

Information about the holiday

Official FB  group —

FB Event —

The government of Azerbaijan in exile


On April 11, 2018 a criminal offense — forcible seizure of power in Azerbaijan — was committed in front of the whole world.

Today, on April 17, 2018, despite a complaint to the Prosecutor General’s Office and two lawsuits to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the court approved the election of Ilham Aliyev, officially recognized by the French court as dictator, the president of Azerbaijan for a new term.

Both citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic and tens of millions of Azerbaijanis of the world are victims of this crime, in which the Constitutional Court became an accomplice.

The inaction of the Constitutional Court with regard to complaints of violation of the rule of law in the Republic of Azerbaijan, coupled with the inactivity of other judicial bodies and state organizations, which for many years refused to rule on cases unsuitable for the government, gives grounds to recognize the Republic of Azerbaijan as a failed state.

In the current situation,  I announce the establishment of the Azerbaijani government in exile. The new structure will operate under my leadership and under the aegis of the «Party of Love» (Sevgi Partiyasi) in Jerusalem. The program of our actions will be announced soon.

With love,

Milana Gorenstein (Ustinova)

Lawyer & investigative journalist
Candidate for the President of Azerbaijan (2013, 2018)