The inhabitants of planet Earth will celebrate the Pink Panther Day for the first time


On May 18, 2015 will be held the first celebration of the Pink Panther Day — a new holiday of creativity, established in the Kingdom of Love.

The Pink Panther is a well-known character of movies and cartoons, that is equally beloved by children and adults alike. The ability of the Pink Panther to unconventional thinking and implementation of his ideas («repainting the world in pink»), as well as humor and a positive attitude of the favorite character have become the main motives for the founders of the holiday.

The new holiday with the motto «Think pink!» is an opportunity to express themselves for people with creative thinking and the ability to change the world for the better. «Think pink!» means in the context of the holiday «Think creative!» Artists, musicians, jewelers, bakers, other people of creative professions gladly supported the idea of a holiday. The Pink Panther Day group in Facebook social network has already united several thousands of holiday fans.

The main symbol of the holiday is a Pink Diamond. In a broad sense, every holiday participant, capable of fantasy and creation, is such a unique Pink Diamond.

These days space bikers of the Kingdom of Love (Friends of the Pink Panther) from around the world are actively preparing for the first celebration: they organize theme parties, creative surprises in support of the holiday, environmental and charity events. Pets are not forgotten in this celebration: in that day they will receive gifts from the owners, and animals from shelters, perhaps find a new home.

Everyone is invited to participate in the new holiday. Photo — and video reports of the Pink Panther Day events will be posted on holiday website.

Organizing Committee of the festival gives advice on matters related to the organization of events anywhere in the world. The Organizing Committee can be contacted at

Press service of the Kingdom of Love

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