Celebrating the International Day Cake – 2016 in Israel


«Tyrmysh» NGO (Tatar cultural center of the State of Israel),  led by Mrs. Zakira Zaripova, holds on July 20, 2016 the first official celebration of the International Cake Day in Israel.

«International Day Cake» is sweetest summer holiday, which is celebrated annually on July 20 in many countries. The holiday with the motto «I Cake You!» is dedicated to friendship and peace between peoples, countries and nations. Celebration themes vary each year, and this creates new opportunities to all participants to express themselves. This year the ICD holiday will be celebrated in the world for the sixth time. The theme of the holiday -2016 is «Time Travel».

Participants of the celebrations are often movie and pop stars, athletes and other celebrities. It has become a good tradition to hold charity events for orphans, the disabled, people in difficult life situations, war veterans and their families as part of the celebrations scenarios.

A feature of the festival is that July 20 is not necessary to bake a cake, you can also knit, sew, paint, sculpt or create any of the other materials. The main thing that your cake will please the participants of the holiday celebration, because the cake is a symbol of goodness, love and people’s union.

The proposed scenario of a holiday-2016 in Israel includes:

  • cakes show (championship), which will present a futuristic cakes from around the world. Members of the jury — the representatives of the media and the Organizing Committee of the festival;
  • non-food cakes exhibition;
  • workshops for festival participants from leading Israeli chefs;
  • masquerade with prizes;
  • themed competitions with prizes;
  • themed fashion show (cakes, hats, art aprons, etc.);
  • thematic exhibition of artworks by Israeli artists;
  • thematic exhibition of works by craftsmen (home textiles, tableware, cushions, cakes, etc.);
  • a photo shoots in the photo zones;
  • peacemaking action «Shawl of Peace» (joint project with the International Association of Bloggers);
  • music and dance performances.

The celebration will be attended by leaders of NGOs and international organizations, members of the Knesset, heads of inter-parliamentary friendship groups, heads of municipalities, representatives of diplomatic missions, Israeli and foreign journalists.

The «Tyrmysh»  NGO invites the participants, partners and sponsors to join the sweet celebration of friendship and peace in Israel. The International Cake Day is like a New Year, in summer — it is suitable for participants from all sectors of the economy, which facilitates successful implementation of the project in Israel.

The «International Day Cake» was established in the Kingdom of Love. The first celebration was held in 2011 in 9 countries. Israel is a co-founder of the holiday. The holiday is supported by the World Association of Chefs (World Association of Chefs Societies — WACS), it included in the registry of international holidays.

The ICD International Organizing Committee assists in the organization of events and promotion of the holiday in the world. The official holiday website — www.icakeyou.org

Contacts of the organizers:
Zakira Zaripova
Chair of the «Tyrmysh»  NGO (Tatar cultural center of the State of Israel)
Tel .: 0526 377 596, 077 505 1016
E-mail: z.zakira@gmail.com

Milana Gorenstein
Chair of the  ICD International Organizing Committee
E-mail: info@kingdomoflove.org



Into a fairytale: designer Tea Lomidze


Today’s guest of the column «Into a fairy tale» is a well known designer Tea Lomidze, who lives and works in the capital of Georgia — Tbilisi. Tea works in many different directions of design, but it can not be called a creative search, because she understands what she wants, what she likes and what are the most interesting things to do. Additionally, Tea Lomidze, along with her friend, gorgeous pastry designer Stella Luzan, was the founder in Georgia of the International Cake Day — a holiday of friendship and peace, established by Kingdom of Love in 2011. Read in this interview about how Tea came to design, how it all started, about her new collection and much more.

When and how did you start your career? Where did you study it?

First of all, I want to thank you for your interest to my creations. In 2003, when my sons grew up, I had the opportunity to carry out long-held dream — to open my own art studio. I am a chemist, in the design I am self — taught, but always took a great interest in needlework. Since childhood I reinvented bought clothes, changed it from usual to «exclusive»… When I was young lady I attended many art galleries and museums in Tbilisi, Moscow, St. Petersburg. The Dresden Gallery influenced me most of all . Great artworks had always shaped my taste.

What is the name your brand? What types of design you are involved in, which collections do you create?

My brand is called «ART-SALON TEILO». I am involved in a wide range of design worksfashion clothing, fur, leather, women’s accessories and jewelry, accessories for the home interior.

What are the stages of formation as a designer you passed through?

My career since 2003 and until now was very diverse. In the beginning I only designed clothes from fabrics and furs and, over time, began to create a vintage accessories for home decor. I made design for 12 prestigious restaurants (interior and accessories). Mehriban Aliyeva (the wife of the President of Azerbaijan — M.G.) with Sandra Roelofs (the wife of the President of Georgia — M.G,) visited my Art Salon together in 2004. Following the invitation of the First Lady of Azerbaijan, I visited Baku, where in 2005 I organized a show of my collection of fashion clothes and accessories. During the years of my creative activity I have organized 7 fashion shows to represent my collections.

How would you describe your aesthetic taste, your own style?

About my work have to judge those people who prefer clothes and accessories created by me , those who trust me in design of their business objects. Taking this opportunity, I want to thank everyone for the recognition and trus. I personally love classics and antique. My fashion designs are made mostly in vintage style and of expensive materials.

Have you always worked as independent entrepreneur or had to be employed in other companies?

I always had my own business and worked with my team. embroiderers and other fashion specialists who work with me for many years.

Do you remember your first order?

Of course I remember! The first order is as the first child … It was the wedding dress for a pregnant bride. She was very happy and afterwards she placed more orders in my salon.

Who are your customers today?

For me, people are not divided according to social status. In my art salon placed orders First Ladies, singers, actors, politicians, businessmen … The person who came to my salon will always find something suitable for him or her. We cordially welcome all customers, regardless of the complexity of the order or other moments. I have many customers from Georgia as well as other from other countries — Israel, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, US, Germany …

How is your work with customers? They come with their ideas, you learn their needs and offer options or you sell only finished model?

Differently. Each person is unique, and clothing should be just a supplement to his portrait.

How do you tune in to the creative work? What is your inspiration?

Love is a source of my inspiration! Usually, I have to drink a cup of my favorite fruit tea, this is a ritual that put me in a good mood and helps to tune in to a creative wave.

Do you follow fashion and other design trends? Do you think we have to follow them, or the fashion is replaces individuality?

The fashion is replaces individuality. I think we have to choose from fashion trends al elements that fit the character of the person, underline its individuality. Of course, I follow the latest trends, because as the designer I should be aware of all innovations.

Can you tell us about your new collection? How you got the idea to create it?

I had an idea to create a collection of vintage chandeliers «Seasons«. 12 chandeliers in the collection will embody the 12 months. There is a new muse In my life that inspired me for this project.

What do you aspire to professionally, and what is your most daring dream associated with the profession?

I strive for perfection — if it is possible, of course. Nature is a source of perfection, and it is unlikely that either person will make something similar to God’s creation. And my dreams are endless … I want to organize a fabulous fashion show of my evening, wedding and fur products, which will be illuminated by new chandeliers of my «Seasons»collection.

What is your hobby apart from design?

My job requires a lot of time. In rare periods of rest I listen to music. I like to cook, often coming up with new recipes.

Do you have any pets? Whether you are creating fashion for pets?

I have created a few fashion designs for the dogs of my friends. Sometimes I make gifts for them — sewing exclusive pullovers, dresses, coats for pets. At the moment, I do not have a four-legged friend. I had a dog — a black Labrador Naomi, she died in 2014 and I was sad about this very much.

The path of successful creative person is always difficult. What helps you overcome the difficulties?

A great love for my work, support of relatives and friends help me to overcome the problems. Difficulties strengthen my spirit, I get the desire to overcome obstacles and achieve more. I’m writing a book about my life — this is another aspect of my creative work.

What would you like to wish our readers?

I wish the infinite love you all! Live and create in love. The world around is so beautiful — enjoy it every day! Great things are hidden in simple things. Do not let problems and routine prevail over you!

Best regards, Tea Lomidze.

© Milana Gorenstein

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The inhabitants of planet Earth will celebrate the Pink Panther Day for the first time


On May 18, 2015 will be held the first celebration of the Pink Panther Day — a new holiday of creativity, established in the Kingdom of Love.

The Pink Panther is a well-known character of movies and cartoons, that is equally beloved by children and adults alike. The ability of the Pink Panther to unconventional thinking and implementation of his ideas («repainting the world in pink»), as well as humor and a positive attitude of the favorite character have become the main motives for the founders of the holiday.

The new holiday with the motto «Think pink!» is an opportunity to express themselves for people with creative thinking and the ability to change the world for the better. «Think pink!» means in the context of the holiday «Think creative!» Artists, musicians, jewelers, bakers, other people of creative professions gladly supported the idea of a holiday. The Pink Panther Day group in Facebook social network has already united several thousands of holiday fans.

The main symbol of the holiday is a Pink Diamond. In a broad sense, every holiday participant, capable of fantasy and creation, is such a unique Pink Diamond.

These days space bikers of the Kingdom of Love (Friends of the Pink Panther) from around the world are actively preparing for the first celebration: they organize theme parties, creative surprises in support of the holiday, environmental and charity events. Pets are not forgotten in this celebration: in that day they will receive gifts from the owners, and animals from shelters, perhaps find a new home.

Everyone is invited to participate in the new holiday. Photo — and video reports of the Pink Panther Day events will be posted on holiday website.

Organizing Committee of the festival gives advice on matters related to the organization of events anywhere in the world. The Organizing Committee can be contacted at info@kingdomoflove.org

Press service of the Kingdom of Love

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