The inhabitants of planet Earth will celebrate the Pink Panther Day for the first time


On May 18, 2015 will be held the first celebration of the Pink Panther Day — a new holiday of creativity, established in the Kingdom of Love.

The Pink Panther is a well-known character of movies and cartoons, that is equally beloved by children and adults alike. The ability of the Pink Panther to unconventional thinking and implementation of his ideas («repainting the world in pink»), as well as humor and a positive attitude of the favorite character have become the main motives for the founders of the holiday.

The new holiday with the motto «Think pink!» is an opportunity to express themselves for people with creative thinking and the ability to change the world for the better. «Think pink!» means in the context of the holiday «Think creative!» Artists, musicians, jewelers, bakers, other people of creative professions gladly supported the idea of a holiday. The Pink Panther Day group in Facebook social network has already united several thousands of holiday fans.

The main symbol of the holiday is a Pink Diamond. In a broad sense, every holiday participant, capable of fantasy and creation, is such a unique Pink Diamond.

These days space bikers of the Kingdom of Love (Friends of the Pink Panther) from around the world are actively preparing for the first celebration: they organize theme parties, creative surprises in support of the holiday, environmental and charity events. Pets are not forgotten in this celebration: in that day they will receive gifts from the owners, and animals from shelters, perhaps find a new home.

Everyone is invited to participate in the new holiday. Photo — and video reports of the Pink Panther Day events will be posted on holiday website.

Organizing Committee of the festival gives advice on matters related to the organization of events anywhere in the world. The Organizing Committee can be contacted at

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«Pachikner» holding is being created in the Kingdom of Love


«Pachikner» holding is being created in the Kingdom of Love. Main areas of activity of the holding will be the alternative energy, medicine, ecological tourism, aerospace and high-tech industries. The purpose of the holding creation is to provide a stable socio-economic development of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and the region of South Caucasus.

Holding activity will contribute to:
— a new structuring of the economy, accelerated modernization of its various sectors to international standards and development of export potential;
— creation of new industries based on the post-industrial resources — information and knowledge;
— introduction of modern forms of organization and management of business;
— implementation of new technologies by holding participants;
— improvement of interaction efficiency between participants in all aspects of implementation of their goals and strategies at the regional and global levels.

Holding strategy aimed at improving the investment attractiveness of mixed-asset portfolio, as well as search for new areas of business development. The products will be promoted under global «Pachikner» brand, and it will allow all participants to generate higher revenues as compared to the marketing of an unfamiliar product. Special attention is paid to environmental safety, professional development of the employees, as well as projects aimed at the development of culture and spirituality.

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Kingdom of Love prepares to ANTIVIRUS raid


Kingdom of Love enhances the potential and scope of peacemaking operations. On December 7, 2012 an information campaign was officially launched aiming to attract new members — “Space Bikers” from all over the world to the ANTIVIRUS raid.

Recruits are registered online in a specially created for this purpose AZAM21 peacemaking group on Facebook. The group builds bridges of love among peoples through cultural dialogue and spiritual diplomacy and draws support of representatives of leading international human rights and humanitarian organizations, public figures, prominent representatives of science, culture and art from around the world.

Space Bikers will be the heroes of Hollywood movie «Breaking the Wall», which is produced in the Kingdom of Love in a new genre of Love Real Fantasy. According to the story, the people of planet Earth are infected with the information virus of hatred that leads to the destruction of humanity and the planet. The virus blocks in people their “program of love” and builds between them a wall of misunderstanding – the «information wall».

The Space Bikers mission was sent from the Star of Love AZAM21 in order to save life on the planet and to rescue people exposed to an outbreak of the deadly virus. The commander of the mission is a Queen Maria II of Jerusalem. The Space Bikers, who belong to a new civilization of consciousness, should inform people about the dangers and help them to re-unite, to activate their “program of love”, to light the Light of Truth and to break the «information wall».

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Kingdom of Love creates its own security service

The Kingdom of Love will have its own security service. This is a completely new unit, which will be responsible for the personal safety of the monarch and royal guests, information security, as well as for the security of the events.

The creation and functioning of the security service of the Kingdom of Love are determined by the Royal decree. This special service will include a motorized Space Bikers division. The security service will cooperate with leading international companies in the field of security and with authorities of the states in which the projects of the Kingdom of Love will be carried out.

Control over the creation of the security services, the selection of candidates and the formation of special training programs are under personal control of Queen Maria II of Jerusalem, an instructor in martial arts and an expert on counter-terrorism.

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