«Pachikner» holding is being created in the Kingdom of Love


«Pachikner» holding is being created in the Kingdom of Love. Main areas of activity of the holding will be the alternative energy, medicine, ecological tourism, aerospace and high-tech industries. The purpose of the holding creation is to provide a stable socio-economic development of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and the region of South Caucasus.

Holding activity will contribute to:
— a new structuring of the economy, accelerated modernization of its various sectors to international standards and development of export potential;
— creation of new industries based on the post-industrial resources — information and knowledge;
— introduction of modern forms of organization and management of business;
— implementation of new technologies by holding participants;
— improvement of interaction efficiency between participants in all aspects of implementation of their goals and strategies at the regional and global levels.

Holding strategy aimed at improving the investment attractiveness of mixed-asset portfolio, as well as search for new areas of business development. The products will be promoted under global «Pachikner» brand, and it will allow all participants to generate higher revenues as compared to the marketing of an unfamiliar product. Special attention is paid to environmental safety, professional development of the employees, as well as projects aimed at the development of culture and spirituality.

Holding website — www.pachikner.com

Press service of the Kingdom of Love

Shortlink — http://wp.me/pYsEi-tM

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