Pink EXPO-2018 will start on Pink Panther Day


On May 18, 2018 the world for the fourth time will celebrate the Pink Panther Day — a holiday of creative people, established in the Kingdom of Love.

Since the friends of the Pink Panther live in different countries, on this day in the official holiday group in Facebook will start the traditional Pink Expo — 2018, uniting the creative people from all over the world.

Pink Expo — 2018 is an international exhibition of unusual goods and services online, which starts on May 18 and will last for 18 days. The word «pink», according to the founders of the holiday, means not only color, but also non-standard thinking and creativity. That’s why at the exhibition it is not so important binding  to the color scheme rather than to creative idea and a message.

Participants can join the Pink Expo both at the start and during the period of the exhibition. The prerequisite for participation is the provision of discounts for goods and services to the site visitors from 18% or higher for the entire duration of the Pink Expo — 2018, as well as a description of the unique history of art objects in Russian or English. Each participant can exhibit up to 18 positions.

The Pink Expo — 2018 offers the opportunity for the exhibitors to present not only art objects, but also their ideas of a creative transformation of the world and find like-minded people, sponsors or investors. Poetry, songs, videos, master classes and other creations are also considered.

Participation in the event is free of charge. Exhibited art objects, goods and services are coordinated with the organizers.

Contacts of the organizers:

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