The government of Azerbaijan in exile


On April 11, 2018 a criminal offense — forcible seizure of power in Azerbaijan — was committed in front of the whole world.

Today, on April 17, 2018, despite a complaint to the Prosecutor General’s Office and two lawsuits to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the court approved the election of Ilham Aliyev, officially recognized by the French court as dictator, the president of Azerbaijan for a new term.

Both citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic and tens of millions of Azerbaijanis of the world are victims of this crime, in which the Constitutional Court became an accomplice.

The inaction of the Constitutional Court with regard to complaints of violation of the rule of law in the Republic of Azerbaijan, coupled with the inactivity of other judicial bodies and state organizations, which for many years refused to rule on cases unsuitable for the government, gives grounds to recognize the Republic of Azerbaijan as a failed state.

In the current situation,  I announce the establishment of the Azerbaijani government in exile. The new structure will operate under my leadership and under the aegis of the «Party of Love» (Sevgi Partiyasi) in Jerusalem. The program of our actions will be announced soon.

With love,

Milana Gorenstein (Ustinova)

Lawyer & investigative journalist
Candidate for the President of Azerbaijan (2013, 2018)

International observers faced problems in the 2018 elections in Azerbaijan


International observers are informed of the legal problems that arose in connection with the early presidential elections in Azerbaijan.

Milana Gorenstein informed the heads and members of the observer missions, as well as the heads of international organizations (the headquarters of the CIS observer mission, PACE, OSCE / ODIHR, Venice Commission, etc.), invited to the April 11 elections, that they were not informed about the legal immorality taking  place  in the republic  and involved  in the international crime  to seize power in Azerbaijan.

In particular, on February 8, 2018, Ms. Gorenshtein  appealed to the Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan Zakir Garalov with a request to conduct a prosecutor’s check, fire from the positions  and bring to justice  the workers of the Central Election Commission: the Chairman of the CEC of Azerbaijan Mazahir Panahov, the head of the legal department of the CEC of Azerbaijan Irada Hajiyev and the head of  press service of the CEC Azer Saryev.

On March 8, 2018, Milana Gorenstein applied to the CEC  for participation in the presidential election-2018.

On March 12, 2018, Milana Gorenstein filed a lawsuit  with the Constitutional  Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan  with a demand to remove Ilham  Aliyev  from participation  in the presidential elections of  2018 and bring him to justice (Article 80 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan).  Attached to the lawsuit were copies of materials  sent earlier to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan and materials of international criminal investigations.

None of the letters  to the date of this news report (March 25, 2018) was considered, the candidacy of Milana  Gorenshtein  as a candidate for the President of the AR was not approved, nor were the reasons for the refusal announced.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan has  also been silent  in relation to request from Ms. Gorenshtein for permission to visit Nagorno-Karabakh in connection with her professional  activities as a lawyer and journalist.

Ignoring and concealing  facts in the presidential elections are new crimes of state bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan,  in which international observers  were involved.

At present, observers have been invited lawyers to study the facts and accompanying documents set out in the application.

Milana  Gorenstein, without being  distracted  by falsifications  and  legal  cataclysms  in Azerbaijan, will present her renewed political program in the coming days and begin to actively form the work team of the Party of Love.

 Press office of the Kingdom of Love

Open letter to Mrs. Anne Brasseur, President of PACE


Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE)
Mrs. Anne Brasseur, President
Tel. 33 3 88 41 23 41

Council of Europe
Mr.Thorbjorn Jagland, Secretary General
Tel. 33 3 88 41 20 00
Fax 33 3 88 41 27 99

PACE — Assembly Members

OSCE Minsk Group

International media

Dear Mrs. Brasseur!

My name is Milana Gorenstein, I am a 2013 presidential candidate in Azerbaijan.

I am writing to you in relation to the 2015 report «Escalation of violence in Nagorno-Karabakh and other occupied territories of Azerbaijan» by Robert Walter (United Kingdom, EC), rapporteur of the Political Affairs Committee of the PACE.

I want to inform you that:

1) Presidential elections in Azerbaijan were totally falsified. I am fighting for my rights in courts and will continue to do so until I see the victory of good over evil and truth over falsehood.

2) Usurpation of power is a crime that occurs when any person unlawfully arrogates to himself power or authority, and this is exactly what happened in Azerbaijan. In a consistently law-abiding, constitutional nations of EU the crime of usurpation is unacceptable and should be convicted and punished.

3) On November 22, 2013 I have sent a letter to Mr. Robert Walter regarding his report «Observation of the presidential election in Azerbaijan (9 October 2013)», asking him to review the attached facts on authorities of Azerbaijan arrogating to themselves non-constitutional powers. Mr. Walter ignored all legal facts and reported to PACE and the whole world: “The result of the presidential election of 9 October 2013 should be seen as reflecting the will of people in Azerbaijan”. Mr. Walter, therefore, assisted to criminal behavior of authorities and to usurpation of power in Azerbaijan.

4) After the Appeal Court and High Court of Azerbaijan I complained to European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) — case No. 25718/14. The decision of ESCR judge Julia Laffranque created a new legal reality, resolved the question related to the Succession of State of Azerbaijan according to principles of international law and the status of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Therefore, the phrase ”Nagorno-Karabakh and other occupied territories of Azerbaijan” doesn’t have any legal basis.

5) Thousands of years of human history have shown that political games for illegal control of state always turn bloody. Silence gives consent. Criminal Aliyev’s regime with Nazi ideology in less than one year after the “elections” have shown to the world what price innocent Azerbaijani people had to pay for such “cognitive blindness” of international observers and their false reports: hundreds of human rights activists slowly dying in prisons, the number of political prisoners in Azerbaijan is growing, and the escalation of violence in Nagorno-Karabakh line of contact is a direct result of state terror of armed bandits that occupied Azerbaijan with silent consent of international organizations, including PACE. Bur the game is over! All these crimes of the authorities of Azerbaijan deserve a hearing at International Criminal Tribunal, all criminals finally will be brought to justice, and I am working hard to make it happen.

6) Taking into consideration the above-mentioned findings, I ask you, Mrs. Brasseur

— to open an internal investigation on inappropriate behavior of the rapporteur of the Political Affairs Committee of the PACE Robert Walter (United Kingdom, EC), that affected over 800 million people from 47 member states and put at risk transparency, credibility, and good reputation of PACE as the organization dedicated to upholding human rights, democracy and the rule of law;
— to review and change the name and content of 2015 report «Escalation of violence in Nagorno-Karabakh and other occupied territories of Azerbaijan», facing new legal realities;
— to transfer the responsibility to PACE member with no records of corrupt and/or unprofessional behavior;
— to take all necessary measures to prevent and confront unethical and unlawful behavior of members of PACE in the future.

Please find the relevant documents attached.

With my esteem and respect,
Milana Gorenstein, LL.B
/HM Queen Maria II of Jerusalem and of Nagorno-Karabakh/
International lawyer, journalist
Former member of the Board of Directors of Amnesty International (Israel)
Founder of “AZAM21” peacemaking group
Founder of “Karabakh Our Home” International civil movement

Open letter to legal department of the Knesset

1Date: May 7, 2014

Attn: Attorney Arbel Asterhan, legal advisor

Legal department of the Knesset

Tel. 02-6408635 / 6

Fax 02-6753495



The Knesset Speaker Yuli -Yoel Edelstein

The Knesset Secretariat (fax: 02-5619227)

The State Comptroller and Ombudsman of Israel Yosef Shapira (fax: 02-6529322)

Subject: Israeli presidential elections 2014 rules and regulations

Dear Mrs. Asterhan!

The Basic Law: The President of the State (1964) says that “Every Israel national who is a resident of Israel is qualified to be a candidate for the office of President of the State (p.4)

On May 4th I have contacted the Knesset Secretariat and the Legal department of the Knesset, expressing my will to participate in Israeli presidential elections 2014. During our phone conversations with you and the workers of the Knesset Secretariat I found out that there are no clear written rules and regulations that support the implementation of the Basic Law, protect the rights of all announced potential candidates, prevent political corruption and lack of transparency in electoral process.

I ask the Legal department of the Knesset (and other relevant bodies) to fix the situation by creation of written rules and regulations, according to democratic standards, that will be open to the candidates, the MK-voters and the public. The regulations should include (but not limited to) the following:

  • basic registration papers that confirm that all the candidates are residents of Israel (according to Basic law requirements) BEFORE they meet the Members of Knesset and seek their further support;
  • the registration deadline to all legitimate potential candidates to submit their candidatures;
  • an obligation for all Members of Knesset to meet all the announced potential candidates before they make a final decision to support or to reject them, the timeline and accompanying documents (reflecting the date, time and signatures of the parties) as a proof;
  • the date of the presidential elections and the final list of approved candidates should be published and open to general public and the media.

These simple measures will prevent the violations of rights of all potential candidates and ensure that the elected President of the State, representing over 8 million of citizens of Israel, holds this position due to transparent democratic procedures and according to law.

Kind regards,

Milana Gorenstein, LL.B

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Milana Gorenstein is running for President of Israel

1Milana Gorenstein (Queen Maria II of Jerusalem and the Nagorno-Karabakh) submitted her candidature for the post of the President of Israel.

On May 4th Ms. Gorenstein appealed to the legal Department of the Knesset to resolve all technical issues related to the participation in the elections.  According to the regulations, applicants to top state position must submit the recommendations of 10 parliamentarians (or more).  Milana Gorenstein will hold meetings with all members of the Israeli parliament for personal acquaintance and explanation of her positions on key state issues.

In case of a victory Milana Gorenstein will become the first woman to hold this position and the youngest president in the history of the State of Israel. The exact date of the election has not yet been determined, but, according to the latest information available from the organizing committee, they should take place at the end of June, 2014.

Press service of the Kingdom of Love

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