Open letter to legal department of the Knesset

1Date: May 7, 2014

Attn: Attorney Arbel Asterhan, legal advisor

Legal department of the Knesset

Tel. 02-6408635 / 6

Fax 02-6753495



The Knesset Speaker Yuli -Yoel Edelstein

The Knesset Secretariat (fax: 02-5619227)

The State Comptroller and Ombudsman of Israel Yosef Shapira (fax: 02-6529322)

Subject: Israeli presidential elections 2014 rules and regulations

Dear Mrs. Asterhan!

The Basic Law: The President of the State (1964) says that “Every Israel national who is a resident of Israel is qualified to be a candidate for the office of President of the State (p.4)

On May 4th I have contacted the Knesset Secretariat and the Legal department of the Knesset, expressing my will to participate in Israeli presidential elections 2014. During our phone conversations with you and the workers of the Knesset Secretariat I found out that there are no clear written rules and regulations that support the implementation of the Basic Law, protect the rights of all announced potential candidates, prevent political corruption and lack of transparency in electoral process.

I ask the Legal department of the Knesset (and other relevant bodies) to fix the situation by creation of written rules and regulations, according to democratic standards, that will be open to the candidates, the MK-voters and the public. The regulations should include (but not limited to) the following:

  • basic registration papers that confirm that all the candidates are residents of Israel (according to Basic law requirements) BEFORE they meet the Members of Knesset and seek their further support;
  • the registration deadline to all legitimate potential candidates to submit their candidatures;
  • an obligation for all Members of Knesset to meet all the announced potential candidates before they make a final decision to support or to reject them, the timeline and accompanying documents (reflecting the date, time and signatures of the parties) as a proof;
  • the date of the presidential elections and the final list of approved candidates should be published and open to general public and the media.

These simple measures will prevent the violations of rights of all potential candidates and ensure that the elected President of the State, representing over 8 million of citizens of Israel, holds this position due to transparent democratic procedures and according to law.

Kind regards,

Milana Gorenstein, LL.B

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