The holiday of friendship and peace will celebrate its birthday on July 20

20 July 2011 kicks off the first celebration of the International Cake Day established in the Kingdom of Love. This sweet summer holiday is dedicated to friendship and peace between people, countries, and nations.

The motto of the holiday is I CAKE YOU. The holiday is based on one of the initiatives of the Kingdom of Love to promote ideas of peace on the planet through culture. The spiritual country Kingdom of Love is an international, non-profit project that implements global cultural, humanitarian and peacekeeping initiatives supported by the Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation (Florida, USA). 

Cake Day is a fun and lively holiday that emanates positive emotions and good mood. Nationals of all countries, national and international professional culinary associations, peace organizations, mainstream media, diplomats, heads of states, UN establishments, NASA, Roskosmos, ISS Mission Control Center are all invited to participate in the holiday.

Feel the sweet flavour of the holiday – it is so easy! On this day, the world’s first peace cake will be baked, and anyone can take part in its preparation, regardless of country of residence. All you need to do is bake a cake for family and friends and send a photo of your cake and your celebration, as well as the parameters (weight, size) of your cake to the website of the holiday. Parameters for all the cakes will then be summarized in a one collective cake, and along with photos and video reports will be posted on the website and in other media, while the most interesting recipes will be published in a blog. Since the celebration is held at the country level, by sending reports and cakes, you support your country!

Don’t enjoy or do not know how to bake, or short for time? Not a problem – you can bake a virtual cake on the holiday website and at the same time add scores to your country. If this day will be marked by good deeds, they will be reflected in the Book of Good Records of the Kingdom of Love; the book will also celebrate its birthday on 20 July. As an example, a record will be set for simultaneous baking of cakes in one day.

What else can you do to celebrate the sweetest holiday of the summer? You can organize a tea party, a master class for children and adults to decorate cakes, a fair, a concert, a cake parade, a display of the most unusual cakes made of, for example, flowers and balloons – imagination has no limits! On this day you can send postcards with a greeting to friends («I Cake You», «Happy Cake Day», «To My Best Friend> …), corporate gifts and Cake Day events – a great way to keep friendly relations with partners. And, of course, special birthday greetings to all those born on 20 July!

Organizers hope that this sweet and happy holiday becomes an annual tradition for people all over the world.

Website of the holiday –

Short link —

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