Sweet holiday united the world

20 July 2011 kicked off the first celebration of the International Cake Day established in the Kingdom of Love. This sweet summer holiday is dedicated to friendship and peace between people, countries and nations.

The motto of the holiday is I CAKE YOU. The holiday is based on one of the initiatives of the Kingdom of Love to promote ideas of peace on the planet through culture. The spiritual countryKingdom of Love is an international, non-profit project that implements global cultural, humanitarian and peacekeeping initiatives supported by the Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation (Florida, USA). 

Cake Day is a fun and lively holiday that emanates positive emotions and good mood. Nationals of all countries, national and international professional culinary associations, peace organizations, mainstream media, diplomats, heads of states, UN establishments, NASA, Roskosmos, ISS Mission Control Center had been invited to participate in the holiday.

On this day, the world’s first peace cake was baked, and anyone could take part in its preparation, regardless of country of residence. All they needed to do is bake a cake for family and friends and send a photo of their cake and the celebration, as well as the parameters (weight, size) of cake to the website of the holiday. Parameters for all the cakes were summarized in a one collective cake, and along with photos and video reports posted on the website and in other media, while the most interesting recipes will be published in a blog. Since the celebration is held at the country level, by sending reports and cakes, people supported their countries!

Those who don’t know know how to bake, could bake a peacemaking virtual cake on the holiday website and at the same time add scores to their country. July20, 2011 was marked by good deeds, and it will soon be reflected in the Book of Good Records of theKingdom ofLove. As an example, a record will be set for simultaneous baking of the world’s first collective peace cake, the boundaries of which covered Europe, Asia,America and theMiddle East. On this day people sent postcards with a greeting to friends  — «I Cake You», «Happy Cake Day», «To My Best Friend» … And, of course, special birthday greetings sent to all those born on July 20!

The holiday became an important event in cultural and public life in different countries. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Sweden, Israel and USA took active part in historical celebration of International Cake Day — 2011.

Fashion designer Tea Lomidze and cake designer Stella Luzan organized on July 20 afantastic cake show in Georgia, Tbilisi.  Armenia and Azerbaijan celebrated the holiday with cakes, reflecting their national traditions. Singer and actress Victoria Unikel and actor Michael Dorozhkin supported Russia’s image, referring to the traditions of Russian national confectionery. They prepared a cake «Russian Summer» from an ancient recipe, taken from the world famous book by Elena Molokhovets «Gift of a young housewife», published in 1903. Ukrainian Ginger Festival 2011 joined the International Day Cake! The very special cake for the holiday with delicate and festive taste was baked by masters of Theodosia cafe «Antresol» (Crimea, Ukraine).  Americawas represented by Mark Bazalev and popular “Lemon Raspberry Delice” cake.

The Belarusian Culinary Association together with sponsors from the state bakery arranged a real summer spectacle with clowns, games, competitions and, of course, cakes, for children of «Belie Rosi» orphans home. A team of world champions in Tae Kwon Do from Moldova, along with his many victories in the competition this summer (9 gold, silver and bronze medals) celebrated the first International Cake Day with a delicious chocolate cake. Advertising agency «Natelmedia» baked a few cakes and celebrated with friends and partners. The multinational team of one ofIsrael’s hotels, working together for many years, was able to prove that real friendship exists in their community between Jews, Arabs, Russian.

This day there were other important events — the Israeli company “Natali Cakes” together withKingdomofLovehave developed the first in the  world peacemaking cake with taste and a scent of roses. The cake will be presented to public soon as a part of “Rose 4 Peace” global campaign.

Organizers hope that this sweet and happy holiday becomes an annual tradition for people all over the world.

Website of the holiday – www.icakeyou.org

Short link — http://wp.me/pYsEi-kL

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