Coronation of Queen of Love will take place in Jerusalem

At the end of April 2012 the ceremony of the Coronation of Queen Maria II of Jerusalem, de-facto reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Love since 2010, will take place in Jerusalem. The ceremony will be held in the Old City in the presence of the Queen’s suite — members of the Cabinet of Ministers and friends from spiritual, academic and business circles.

The Coronation in Jerusalem is a unique event. Last Coronation took place in Europe over half a century ago, when the reigning Queen of England Elizabeth II ascended the throne.  In all other European countries, including theVatican, the coronation was replaced with inauguration.

Truly a royal gift on the occasion of Coronation was received by Queen Maria II of Jerusalem from the international group of high-tech developers. It turned out to be the world exclusive rights on the new method for production of the electric motors — the circular electromagnetic brushless motor with the use of dynamic superposition of electromagnetic fields. Electric motors consume about 80% of energy in the world, but their main principle, based on the ideas of Faraday, has not changed for nearly two centuries! The total market, according to developers, exceeds 120 billion dollars. 

Immediately after the Coronation the crown of the Queen will go to high-tech laboratory, where after special high-tech processing and microchip insertion it will turn into the world’s only space crown with remote control and built-in database. Upon completion of the works on the crown the official presentation will be held in Hotel Leonardo Jerusalem along with the international press conference and cocktail party. The Coronation celebrations will be an episode of a new Hollywood blockbuster «Breaking the Wall.»

Her Majesty Queen Maria II of Jerusalem on the occasion of the Coronation has already begun receiving congratulations from officials, public organizations, friends and partners, spiritual leaders and residents of the Kingdom of Love from around the world.

Press Service of the Kingdom of Love

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Kingdom of Love was proclaimed in 2010 by residents of different states of the world as a spiritual country beyond borders with a spiritual capital in Jerusalem. This international community is a non-profit project that implements global cultural, humanitarian and peacekeeping initiatives supported by the Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation (Florida, USA). 

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