Coronation of Queen of Love took place in Jerusalem

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On April 22, 2012 the ceremony of the Coronation of Queen Maria II ofJerusalem, de-facto reigning monarch of theKingdomofLove, took place inJerusalem. It is symbolic that this event coincided with the celebration of International Mother Earth Day dedicated to harmony with nature and the planet Earth.

The coronation was held in the presence of the Queen’s suite – members of the Cabinet of Ministers and close friends. A briefing for the international press was held on the same day at the Mount of Olives Observation Point in front of theGolden Gate.  During the briefing Queen Maia read her coronation speech in front of journalists and public and answered their questions. A ring in the form of a bee — a symbol of the coronation — shone at the Queen’s hand. The solemn event was covered by the world’s leading media outlets. A gift certificate from international group of high-tech developers on the occasion of Coronation was awarded to Queen Maria at the event.

Signed with use of the binary code, the certificate includes exclusive rights on the newest technological developments in the field of electric power industry, and also obligations on transformation of a royal crown into the hi-tech information masterpiece with remote control and built-in database, which is not having world analogues, and creation of a royal UFO — the flying device with use of electric motors of a new generation.

Queen Maria continues to receive gifts and congratulations on the occasion of coronation from around the world. The coronation celebrations will last in theKingdomofLoveup to the end of 2012.

Press Service of the Kingdom of Love

Short link to press release –

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