Cake Day — 2012: Kingdom of Love gathers friends

Kingdom of Love continues preparations for the celebrations of International Cake Day, which is July 20, 2012 will be celebrated for the second time. This young and cheerful holiday, as a summer New Year, has quickly enough found the response in people’s hearts .The motto of the holiday is I CAKE YOU. The countries that have actively participated in the first celebration and became the founders of the holiday: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel and USA.

The organizer of the International Cake Day is the International Organizing Committee that works together with national committees, preparing for the celebrations in their home countries. This year’s activities are organized in a space theme, which aims to touch the mysteries of the Universe and to convey to people the simple truth: we have only got one planet for all of us to share. It has become a tradition to surprise the holiday guests, and this year they can expect surprises again — «cakes from the future», fantastic cakes and other creative finds.  Cake Day will be celebrated online as well.

The astronautics unites people of the Earth more than any other area of activity — not by accident the first space station called «Mir» («Peace»). The request to support the holiday as a unique peace initiative is forwarded to all space agencies of the world. It has started to be formed a holiday «star support group» from among celebrities related to culture, sports and astronautics. The ICD support group on Facebook already includes several thousands of professional confectioners from around the world, and their number is constantly growing. The Organizing Committee is preparing an application to the UN General Assembly to obtain an official recognition of the International Day Cake as the holiday of friendship and peace for all peoples and nations on Earth.

«Better a hundred friends than a hundred rubles”, says a popular Russian proverb. Cake Day is another good occasion to express the love to one’s neighbor, it promotes the ability to live in peace with other people in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment. Everyone can take part in the ICD celebration, regardless of country of residence. Indeed, sometimes enough to make quite a bit to make friends, to cheer someone up and get closer to each other.

The Organizing Committee invites all interested people, companies and mass-media to participate in the organization of a sweet holiday of friendship in their own country or in the world, sponsorship, media coverage or other forms of cooperation. Contact the Organizing Committee via the holiday site:

Kingdom of Love was declared on January 1st, 2010 by international community of people as a spiritual country beyond the borders with a spiritual capital in Jerusalem. It is not-for-profit project, implementing cultural, humanitarian and peacemaking initiatives.

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