International Cake Day gathers friends in Israel


On July 20, 2016 in Israel for the first time will be held the official celebration of the sweet summer holiday — the International Cake Day.

The program of the event includes the cake decorating championship (futuristic  cakes from the year 2111), theatrical masquerade, art-exhibition of non-food cakes, themed fashion shows, exhibitions of artworks by Israeli artists and craftsmen, music and dance performances.

The representatives of leading Israeli and international media will be invited to cover the celebration. The event will visit the leaders of public organizations, members of the Knesset, heads of inter-parliamentary friendship groups, municipalities, members of diplomatic missions in Israel and other guests of honor.

The organizers invite for cooperation the participants, partners and sponsors. Sponsor of the ICD-2016 event can become the company from any sector and with any budget for which the organizers will select the optimal participation scenario.

Fashion designers, jewelers, artists and photographers, models, artists, confectioners, florists, representatives of other creative professions — do not miss this great chance to showcase your talents to the world, making new friends, admirers of your creativity and satisfied customers! Terms of cooperation are negotiated with the organizers. In case your works suit the theme completely, you will be able to attend the event free of charge or for a nominal fee.

The «International Day Cake» was established in the Kingdom of Love. The first celebration was held in 2011 in 9 countries. The holiday with the motto «I Cake You!» is dedicated to friendship and peace between peoples, countries and nations.  Israel is a co-founder of the holiday. The holiday is supported by the World Association of Chefs (World Association of Chefs Societies — WACS), it included in the registry of international holidays.

The ICD International Organizing Committee assists in the organization of events and promotion of the holiday in the world. The official holiday website —

Contacts of the organizers:
Zakira Zaripova
Chair of the «Tyrmysh»  NGO (Tatar cultural center of the State of Israel)
Tel .: 0526 377 596, 077 505 1016

Milana Gorenstein
Chair of the ICD International Organizing Committee





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