Coronation of Queen of Love took place in Jerusalem

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On April 22, 2012 the ceremony of the Coronation of Queen Maria II ofJerusalem, de-facto reigning monarch of theKingdomofLove, took place inJerusalem. It is symbolic that this event coincided with the celebration of International Mother Earth Day dedicated to harmony with nature and the planet Earth.

The coronation was held in the presence of the Queen’s suite – members of the Cabinet of Ministers and close friends. A briefing for the international press was held on the same day at the Mount of Olives Observation Point in front of theGolden Gate.  During the briefing Queen Maia read her coronation speech in front of journalists and public and answered their questions. A ring in the form of a bee — a symbol of the coronation — shone at the Queen’s hand. The solemn event was covered by the world’s leading media outlets. A gift certificate from international group of high-tech developers on the occasion of Coronation was awarded to Queen Maria at the event.

Signed with use of the binary code, the certificate includes exclusive rights on the newest technological developments in the field of electric power industry, and also obligations on transformation of a royal crown into the hi-tech information masterpiece with remote control and built-in database, which is not having world analogues, and creation of a royal UFO — the flying device with use of electric motors of a new generation.

Queen Maria continues to receive gifts and congratulations on the occasion of coronation from around the world. The coronation celebrations will last in theKingdomofLoveup to the end of 2012.

Press Service of the Kingdom of Love

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Coronation speech, April 22, 2012

Queen Maria II of Jerusalem

Dear friends!

Today makes me feel not only the satisfaction, but also the pride, because within the limited period of time in terms of history I became the Queen of this wonderful country — the Kingdom of Love, even though under the risk of being insulted and accused. I am aware that to the world society it is not quite clear yet, how it should treat these «new endeavours».

We gathered together for the sake of today’s ceremonial event here inJerusalem, the holy city for all the people. I find this very symbolic that the day of my coronation coincided with another not only just a big, but rather a truly global holiday — The International Mother Earth Day. Deep down I feel: The time of changes has come! The mighty force is standing behind us! The force that cannot be challenged — the force of the Truth!

I wish to thank my supporters. You supported those first steps that were made by theKingdomofLove, our common goals, our future. You believed that together we could change the life on this planet to the best. I truly appreciate this.

The life itself and the evolution provide us with crucially new and more difficult tasks. And yet, we believe in ourselves. We believe that we can substantially modify and transform our planet to ensure reaching the righteous balance between the economical, social and ecological requirements of today’s and future generations. For the last two years the foundation for the stable development of our country has been made. We must use this unique chance to the full extent, so that theKingdom of Lov ewill be capable of duly performing its mission.

The current situation in the world is marked by the lack of security and armament race, contamination and destruction of the biosphere, climate warning, incomplete use of the social and economical capabilities of the society, deficiency and irrational resource management, social management inefficiency, inflation and many other issues. However, the important thing is that the technological progress worldwide is not accompanied by the spiritual one. Modern information civilization reached the level, whereby its further survival will directly depend on the shift in the world-view. The threat of destruction of life on the planet today is high and real. Only through development of the spiritual qualities we can change all the wealth-oriented civilization and implement its huge potential for the benevolent intentions. 

Only through his adequate spiritual evolution a human will be capable of implementing his own technical power by way of foreseeing and warning the unwanted consequences of his activity and preventing abusing the achieved. People now need to come closer to the next stage of their evolution, whereby combining the power with the wisdom they will learn to maintain their lives in harmony and balance. Spirituality is the functional foundation for creation and determining the destiny of the world and the mankind. The process of a human’s perception of the unity of all the world’s events passes through it. Peace and harmony on this planet must be strengthened via the cooperation of various confessions, social groups and national cultures.

I am certain that we are absolutely capable of solving these issues. The nature is built that way, so that any impulse even the tiniest one given to a matter is endless, while the consequences of the action once done whether big or small shall sooner or later have an effect. We share common goals. We want that theKingdomofLovewill be a prosperous country, respected worldwide and its citizens will be proud of it. Being a unique neutral ground for the secular spirituality and implementing the world cultural and humanitarian projects, promoting and actively using the peace keeping principles of the spiritual diplomacy for conflict regulation, the Kingdom of Love shall facilitate the transferring of the mankind to a new evolution stage.

I am perfectly aware of the range of responsibility I am going to bear, and once again, I wish to thank you with all of my heart and I count on our joint operation.

May You Be Blessed!

Queen Maria II of Jerusalem

 Jerusalem, 22 April 2012

Press service of the Kingdom of Love

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Coronation in Jerusalem

 On April 22, 2012 the ceremony of the Coronation of Queen Maria II of Jerusalem, de-facto reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Love since 2010, will take place in Jerusalem. The ceremony will be held in the Old City in the presence of the Queen’s suite — members of the Cabinet of Ministers and friends from spiritual, academic and business circles. Gift certificate from international group of high-tech developers on the occasion of Coronation will be awarded to Queen Maria at the event. The Coronation celebrations will be an episode of a new Hollywood blockbuster «Breaking the Wall.»

 A briefing for the international press will be held on the same day at 13:00 p.m. at the Mount of Olives Observation Point (in front of the Golden Gate). The Queen after her Coronation Speech will highlight the main activities of the Kingdom of  Love. The briefing will be held in English and Russian.

Please confirm your participation by phone or by email:

Tel. (972) 544 3058 71, contact person: Lev Spivak (Hebrew, Russian)

Tel. (972) 523 828927, contact person: Milana Gorenstein (English)


 Press Service of the Kingdom of Love

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Kingdom of Love was proclaimed in 2010 by residents of different states of the world as a spiritual country beyond borders with a spiritual capital in Jerusalem. The Kingdom of Love is not a matter of Geography, rather than it’s a «spiritual nation», a social organism created on the basis of the spiritual identity. It is a new civilization with an outlook that is based on the acting universal laws of Love. The Kingdom of Love is open for anyone who will accept its laws, regardless of the country of residence, age, religion, race and gender.

The Kingdom of Love is the first country incorporated not by a territorial principle, but by outlook. Established in an age of information as a supra-national and supra-religious institution with the prospect of coverage of more than 1 billion people, the Kingdom of Love is a new positive-neutral subject of international law similar to theVatican. It acts on the basis of universal laws, given to mankind by the Creator and recorded in the sacred books of the world’s major religions.

 The Kingdom of Love recognizes all world religions  and welcomes interfaith cooperation. The official languages of the Kingdom are English and Russian. An ideological foundation of the Kingdom became the book «Parallel Worlds».  Being a unique neutral platform of secular spirituality, realizing the international cultural and humanitarian projects, propagandizing and actively applying  peace-making principles of spiritual diplomacy for settlement of conflicts, the Kingdom of Love promotes transition of mankind to a new level of development.

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